22 Mar

Latest iPad vs iPad Air 2

For most people, it’s hard to differentiate between the two tablets based on external appearance. The latest 9.7-inch iPad seems to look almost similar to the iPad Air 2, but below are the points in which they differ: Hardware While the iPad Air 2 is having an A8X processor and the M8 motion co-processor, the
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21 Mar

Expected features from Android 8.0

Google’s Android Nougat is yet to come, but rumours of its successor are already making the headlines. As according to the company’s traditional naming strategy, we know that Android 8.0 will be named after the letter “O”. But there’s more, as a new report suggests features that will be a part of Google’s next big
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20 Mar

New e-tattoos will turn your skin into smartphone controller

In Berlin, Scientists have developed ultrathin temporary electronic tattoos which can turn skin blemishes and wrinkles into touch-sensitive buttons for controlling your smartphone. Researchers, including those from Saarland University in Germany, used conductive ink to print wires and electrodes on temporary tattoo paper. The tattoos, called SkinMarks, are thinner than the width of a human
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19 Mar

Google offers more control, after offensive content ads lead to brand boycott

After Google fails to provide assurance The U.K. government, the Guardian newspaper and France’s Havas (the world’s sixth-largest advertising and marketing company) pulled ads from Google and YouTube on Friday after failing to get assurances from Google that the ads wouldn’t appear next to offensive material. Havas’ clients include mobile network O2, Royal Mail Plc,
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18 Mar

WhatsApp Text Status is rolling back

Last month, WhatsApp removed the feature which lets you post a status on the messaging service and replaced it with Snapchat stories clone. However, a lot of users were unhappy with this change and as a result the company faced severe criticism for the same. WhatsApp has confimed that the ‘About Status’ will roll back
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17 Mar

Artificial Intelligence’s impact on IT and “Make in India”

Because of the rise of machines, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, the nature of blue collar, at times, and even white collar employment can undergo a tectonic shift going ahead. While AI has been around since the 1950s, the ability of a computer or a computer-enabled robotic system to process information and produce results
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16 Mar

Check What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

Facebook uses image recognition technology to accurately determine the content of your photographs. You can view these machine generated captions to know how Facebook sees your own photographs. When you upload any photograph to your Facebook account, they look at the actual content of the photograph and try to determine what objects and scenes are
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