22 Dec

Track Fog Delays: New feature by trainenquiry.com

Indian Railway now adds a new feature to Track the Fog delays. To track the exact Fog delays visit the link http://events.trainenquiry.com/fog You can find information like 1) Fog 2012-13 – Live Train Status Track. 2) Top Fog Delayed Trains Currently Running. 3) Cancellations & Diversions For Today (All Causes). 4) Train Rescheduled from the
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18 Dec

FindYogi.com, an eCommerce product search engine

FindYogi.com (http://www.findyogi.com), a product search engine from a Bangalore based startup, was launched recently. FindYogi helps consumers to decide what brand and model of a product would best fit their needs and budget. The online application, driven by a data rich backend, works similar to how web search engines work. Various sites are crawled regularly
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12 Dec

WordPress 3.5: released with amazing new features and updations

wordpress3.5 features

WordPress 3.5 came with exciting new updations as few of them are as discussed below. 1) 2012 Theme: Wordpress introduces a new theme named as Twentytwelve having new features like it is flexible for all devices. By default the header image is not shown it’s hidden now. 2012 theme uses HTML5 very effectively. 2) Plugin
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11 Dec

Why Corporates are getting inclined towards fitness training workshops

With high work pressures and sedentary lifestyles, many people today suffer from various health problems arising due to lack of fitness. Executives that are a part of modern day corporate lifestyles – extended working hours, constant deadlines and irregular meal times are especially susceptible to ‘lifestyle diseases’. However, it is not all bad news. It
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30 Nov

Highly effective Tools to assess the CEO of the company

Mr. Deepak Kaistha, Manging Partner of Planman HR

In today’s times when a slight change in a company’s strategy can sabotage its image in the market, the performance of a CEO is highly critical in sustaining the company’ success story. The CEO performance evaluation process should be implemented to know how well the company is achieving its mission and to examine its goals.
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