Your every move in crowded areas is now tracked by artificial intelligence

by · April 11, 2017

Japanese firm Hitachi’s new imaging system is equipped with artificial intelligence to enhance security screenings at large-scale venues including shopping malls and sports stadiums.
This new system locks on to at least 100 different characteristics of an individual including gender, age, hair style, clothes, and mannerisms. According to Hitachi this imaging system provides real-time tracking and monitoring of crowded areas.

Hitachi Ltd Senior Researcher, Tomokazu Murakami said, “Until now, we need a lot of security guards and people to review security camera footage. We developed this AI software in the hopes it would help them do just that”.
This security system will be very helpful in many ways. For example in spotting a suspicious individual or for finding a misplaced item. So, an eyewitness could provide a limited description, with the AI software quickly scanning its database for a match.

“In Japan, the demand for such technology is increasing because of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but for us we’re developing it in a way so that it can be utilised in many different places such as train stations, stadiums, and even shopping malls,” says Murakami
But as Japan prepares to host the 2020 Olympics, Hitachi insists its system can contribute to public safety and security.

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