Indian Railways to have integrated software for faster data collection

by · March 27, 2017

Integrated software “IR-OneICT” to be used by railways as a single source of authentic information for the rail sector. According to railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu, the IR-OneICT integrated software will be the game changer which can optimise Rs50,000-60,000 crore over the years for railways.

The integrated software IR-OneICT, a first-of-its-kind for Railways, will enable data collection at sources with minimum handling and become a single source of validated and authentic information for the rail sector. It is estimated to cost about Rs5,000 crore over the next five years.

Mr. Prabhu informed that they are working on an integrated, comprehensive strategy to leverage IT for improvements in systems, processes, enhance efficiency. One of the official who is involved in the project also said that many stand-alone softwares have been developed by the railways for various purposes, but for the first time, they are moving towards an integrated software which will be like a single-window system.

The proposed integrated software ensures timely availability of actionable information for authorised persons at place of use and enable improved data analysis and usage. Mr. Prabhu said the conference was part of a series of discussions being held to consult sector experts, external stakeholders to deliberate on infusion of IT in all aspects of Indian Railways’ functioning.

“One ICT” will cover all the aspects, including cost analysis, attendance, accounting, asset management, medical management and land management, of the railways.
Better capacity and asset utilisation would help the railways run more trains, carry more freight, provide better and reliable services to passengers, increase its revenues and make its operations more safe.

Referring to cyber theft, he asked the industry to do the needful to have an inbuilt security system. “We must keep in mind cyber security issues as we are going to be sophisticated and more vulnerable to security issues. ICT is necessary. Do a better job in creating safety wall,” he said. Referring to the complaints against railway service, Prabhu said it is the best information system available free of cost that can be used as management tool to take informed decision.

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