Google Calendar App now available for iPad

by · March 30, 2017

iPad users should be happy as Google has now launched its Calendar app for iPad as well with its latest update. Earlier the app was available to Android(smartphone and tablet), Web and iPhone users, and now with latest update(version 2.0.0), the Calendar app has been provided for iPad as well.

Google Calendar Features

  • Goals that allow you add your goal
  • Automatically makes your set goal as completed(when it is achieved)
  • Schedules future timings automatically by understanding your daily activity. This way users can find the right time for things they love to do.
  • With Calendar app, empty slots are found and fitted with desired activity.

How to activate?
For activation changes are to be done in settings menu, after which calendar app will ask  few questions to set ideal time for desired goal. If you decide to postpone your activity due to some other urgent work or because of your interest in other activity, then the app simply reschedules the activity automatically. With Spotlight search Google allows users to search Calendar easily from iPad home screen. iPad users also get the new smart meeting scheduling feature that suggests meeting times and available rooms in thier office based on their team’s availability, and also helps in selecting rooms.

Even though native calendar app is available for iPad, but Google calendar app can be downloaded for free. In recent times, Google Calendar has also updated its “Goals feature” to allow integration with Google Fit and Apple Health applications to help people stay on track with their resolutions.

With this integration in place, the activities recorded by your iPhone or Android phone will be used to mark users goals as ‘Done'(completed) automatically by Google Calendar app.


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