Charge yourcellphone in 20 seconds with a device called SUPERCAPACITOR

by · May 20, 2013

An Indian origin girl (Esha Khare of Saratoga, California) has developed a device which charge your cellphone within 20 seconds. This device is termed as SUPERCAPACITOR. She won $50000 for her invention at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, in Phoenix.For now this device charge LED only but in coming days this device will be used to charge cellphones.

The ‘supercapacitor‘ is small and easy to carry, and able to handle 10,000 recharge cycles, more than normal batteries by a factor of 10. Khare is a student of nanochemistry, and is now heading to Harvard.
Google has been in contact with Khare to explore how she plans to change the makeup of cell phone battery life.

Now a days a big issue is the battery charge life, mainly in the smartphones. Most of the cellphones battery life is not more than 10 hours. This is the boon for everyone.

Great Invention by Khare. Good Luck khare….

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Charge yourcellphone in 20 seconds with a device called SUPERCAPACITOR, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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