What is GOOGLE NOW and how it will work ?

by · April 23, 2013

GOOGLE NOW is android based intelligent guide and search for you. It empoweres you to search using voice and make a new intelligent face to search.
Google Now search anything
If you want to search something just ask GOOGLE NOW to search it. It results you every possible combinations like directions, dimensions automatically So efforts like typing etc required anymore. Google doesn’t show a demo of Google Now till now. You can also have interesting conversational questions with Google Now like can I change my mobile phone this year?

Google already announced to close iGoogle on November 1, 2013. This may be due to the Google Now. So Google Now will much much powerful than iGoogle. So don’t worry just wait some time for Google Now.

Working of Google Now:

Google Now is basically associated with your Google Account. So it tracks your activities, your interests etc. So on the basis of your activities it responds to you and results you the perfect matches about your search. Like if you are fan of some singer and you like any sports club it will update you about the happenings in that club and updates.

There is not any update about the release date from GoogleSystem about Google now but this product of Google will rock when it arrives.

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