Never miss any business oppurtunity with Knowlarity’s Super Receptionist service

by · January 22, 2013

The economy of India is rapidly growing and it is estimated that by the end of 2020, the number of entrepreneurs will significantly double. The SME market in India is too big to be ignored and collectively it attributes to $110 Billion of revenue and provides employment of 75% of workforce in India.

Also, it is a known that that most of these entrepreneurs run their businesses on mobile phones and mobile optimization business too have scaled up in such a scenario. It must also be understood that growth and business opportunity associated with the SME organization is increasing exponentially and it is in this hour of busy schedule that most business messages from the clients and other resources tend to get unattended.

It has been observed that one of the major problems which SMEs suffer in the market is that they tend to miss out important calls and also in loss of a business opportunity. Accessing the needs of the SME market, Knowlarity- a cloud based telephony software service provider introduced a special service called the “Super Receptionist” which bridges the gap between client and other resources and routes important business calls 24/7.

knowlarity super receptionist

Through the Super Receptionist facility, the call lands on one’s system and the caller is greeted professionally. Based on the input of the client, the facility executes the action.  The need for a special Super Receptionist service seems to have become a lucrative bet for most of the SME’s as it is a one stop shop solution for the SME’s who do not wish to miss out on important opportunities. The service highlights the brand image of the company and keeps a tracks of the call recordings. This user-friendly technology requires no hardware or set up cost but has the option of pay as per use.

Some of the popular features of the Super Receptionist facility includes Call Forwarding feature, Call Recording, Welcome Message, On Hold Music, Mobile App, Conferencing, Mini CRM Integration, Click to Call etc.

Build a professional company image by using smart and cost effective Super Receptionist facility. Give your SME a professional twist through this uniquely attractive service. For more details check out SuperReceptionist


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Never miss any business oppurtunity with Knowlarity's Super Receptionist service, 9.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  • Naresh Sharma

    “Super receptionist” is a site where they are minting
    the money by employing ” good talkers” who will sell the program
    once. without Realizing that you again need to sell when their coins given are

    we bought “worst Receptionist ” .some smooth
    talker made them fool by convinced the management to change the look of their
    site etc, without realizing that it is the utility which is important.

    for last ten days there are multiple problems are persisting.
    for which every day we have Created the ticket but of no use. spoken to somebody
    who is suppose to be senior manger called satish Kohli( cell 09212388553) and email at
    ( , used a typical corporate language without understand
    it properly called “raise the Ticket” at which
    is done ten times already.

    when so spoke to some who is called ” account
    manager” deepak( 9711218777) said ” our team is working on it” as if they are trying to Highjack icici bank
    account!! still after 4 days they are working on it.

    biggest problem, which is actually minor issue for a knowledge
    programmer, but this ” worst receptionist ” had employed ” worst
    programmer” who seems to be learner rather than professionals.

    . there is edit button on the incoming call w here you can feed the name of
    the person immediately after finishing the call/ later whosoever is assigned to
    listen the recording and add it. last version had this facility to be downloaded
    of all the detailed added, now it is not . so how do you know who called up
    after looking at the .csv file……………..??

    when this complaint was launched again thre four times in
    day , some executive( cell 8860075641). who has enough guts to say ” we will have
    this facility” in next roll out I have telephonic recording of the same.

    the best one of my Friend is using is” lead sqaured” and
    soon I am shifting to that. had I been running a corporate call center, i would
    be bankrupt…………………had a been using this so called ” super rapist” as
    they will rape your business.​


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