Dropmyemail raised funding from GMO Japan and inked a reseller deal with them

by · January 15, 2013

GMO Cloud K.K. (GMO Cloud), part of Japan’s leading all-in Internet services conglomerate, GMO Internet Group, has just inked an extensive partnership with Dropmyemail that will expand the presence of the email backup cloud solution in Japan.

This strategic alliance will see GMO Cloud invest capital in Dropmyemail, resell Dropmyemail to its hosting customers, and jointly develop a Dropmyemail smartphone application. This mutually beneficial agreement, will spike the growth trajectory of both companies.

“GMO Cloud is very pleased to be partnering with a service developer and provider as innovative as Dropmysite”, says GMO Cloud, President, Mitsuru Aoyama. “We are confident that the partnership will create new opportunities to introduce new and innovative services.”. 

“We are delighted to have secured this strategic partnership with GMO Cloud and look forward to working closely with GMO in the future.”, says John Fearon, CEO and founder of Dropmyemail.

Dropmyemail, the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud, currently backs up a quarter of a billion emails a day for nearly a million users. Bringing its award-winning services throughout Japan is GMO Cloud, an Internet hosting company in 16 subsidiaries spread across 7 countries.

GMO Cloud will first invest in Dropmyemail by taking part in the convertible note round of funding. Having investment from GMO Cloud benefits Dropmyemail by providing more cash to scale up. GMO Cloud will resell Dropmyemail’s corporate email backup solution,  Dropmyemail Business, to its existing business customers. With advanced email backup management, email usage reports / audits, military-grade security and unlimited storage, Dropmyemail Business is perfect for all small, medium or large enterprise email backup needs. 

GMO Cloud will also host Dropmyemail’s ever-increasing dataload. Dropmyemail will move its massive storage to GMO Cloud’s cloud platform and utilize GMO Cloud’s GlobalSign’s SSL (secure socket layer). Having GMO Cloud host the data will reduce the current expediture for Dropmyemail and keep the data even more secure, while GMO Cloud gains a new client 
with fast growing data storage needs.

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Dropmyemail raised funding from GMO Japan and inked a reseller deal with them, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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