5 Types of Apps That Makes Your Job Hunting Process Easier

by · January 16, 2013

The world is getting more and more dependent on technology and hiring industry is not very behind.
Searching for jobs through newspaper ads and sending your resume through snail mail has almost become obsolete. Even activities like sending e-mails to employers, searching for jobs from your computer is also getting out-dated.

These days, people use mobiles and tablets more than PCs to check their mails, to surf web and to do most of their work.
Job seekers have to be available 24*7 in case the employer contacts them and PCs cannot fulfil that purpose. What if you are out, working on something or travelling, and you get the call from employer asking for your resume, or for an interview. You simply cannot afford being unavailable in such situations.

That is when smart phones come handy. There are some very useful apps on smartphones, which saves the time and efforts of job seeker to reach out to recruiters.

5 Types of Apps That Makes Your Job Hunting Process Easier

#1: Resume Builder Apps

It is always easier to sit in front of the computer and create your resume. However, if you are in a hurry and you have to quickly edit or create a custom resume for an employer in five minutes, you have to use something quickly accessible.

Resume Creator Apps are very useful in such cases. You just have to fill out all the information about yourself, your academics, and your interests in one form and the app comes up with a sleek resume with the pre-designed templates.

This app is especially handy when you have to send your resume to employer on a short notice and you do not have time for sitting in front of a computer and editing the resume according to the job profile.

You can save the resume in .pdf, word format, or .rtf and can send it through e-mail to the recruiter from your cell phone.
Although these apps have limited templates and resume created with it might look common, it is a lifesaver app when the clock is ticking.

#2: Organizer Apps

When you are going through several interviews in a short span of time, it is difficult to keep track of everything.
Organizer apps are helpful with scheduling your interviews, phone calls, setting up the reminders, and writing down the points discussed during the interview for future reference.

Evernote is one good organizer app for users. You can write your own remarks about the company and how the interview went. You can even set up reminders for following up.

The app is primarily design for the business professionals, but it also comes handy for the job seekers.
You can do better research of the company and can even store the web pages in it.

#3: Video Conferencing Apps

It is not possible for job seekers to be physically present for every job interview these days. Often, these interviews are not in the same city that you live in. In such cases, employers prefer to conduct the telephonic interview.

Even for telephonic interviews, employers cannot know all the aspects of an interviewee. Many times, someone else gives the interview instead of real candidate. And there are people who attend telephonic interviews for you if you give them money.
To avoid this, nowadays, interviewers are more inclined towards taking the interview through video conferencing.

Most of the times, you can be a part in this interview through web cam. What would you do if employer sets the interview at a certain time, but because of some unavoidable circumstances you are not able to access your laptop or personal computer? You certainly cannot afford to miss the interview.

In such situations, video conferencing apps save the day.
You can use Skype, Fring, or ooVoo for video conferencing through cell phones. If there are multiple interviewers, you can use Google+ hangout app. One thing though; you need to have front camera on your tablet or mobile phone for video conferencing.

#4: Video Resume:
Interviewers get lot of resumes every day, and they do not have time to go through all of them. If you want to stand out, you have to do something different. One way is to make an impressive video resume.
Spark Hire is a video resume app that creates 60 second video of yours where you can explain to the interviewer why they should hire you.
And that is not all. It presents a platform for video interviewing as well. Employers can post questions on spark hire for which interviewee’s gives video response.
This way, the interviewer can test your communication and presentation skills better.

#5: Business Card Reader:
Trust us- handling business card of every HR whom you had an interview session with, is no easy task. It gets very confusing sometimes, especially if you are attending multiple interviews.

Having a business card reader on your cell phone makes many things easy. You do not have to keep multiple business cards in your pocket all the time. You can store all the business cards digitally on your device and categorize them according to companies.

The best thing about such apps is that when you scan the business card, the app immediately adds the information to your contacts. This feature saves lot of manual work of typing every single number to add to your contacts.

Apps are designed to make our life easy, and we should use them as much as possible. As a job seeker, people already have many things on their platter. Spending time on organizing your schedule and planning the interviews just does not seem right- especially when your apps can do these tasks for you.
[This article is contributed by Adarsh (A jobs expert and writes about placement papers and interview questions on the Jombay blog- a career guidance hub for job seekers.)]

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