WordPress 3.5: released with amazing new features and updations

by · December 12, 2012

WordPress 3.5 came with exciting new updations as few of them are as discussed below.

1) 2012 Theme:
Wordpress introduces a new theme named as Twentytwelve having new features like it is
flexible for all devices. By default the header image is not shown it’s hidden now. 2012
theme uses HTML5 very effectively.

2) Plugin Favorities:
This is very useful feature for the developers who develop multiple websites in wordpress.
Actually the idea is that while working on multiple websites you must have some common
plugins so you make some of the most used plugins as favorite. To make plugin favorite
just login to wordpress and open any of the plugin and then click on favorite this adds
that plugin to your favorite list.
Now when you are developing your website.In install plugin section now one more tab added
named as favorities. Just open favorities and enter your username in the text box appers
below you can find your favorate plugins so you need not waste time to search your most
used pluging. This is very good user experience.

wordpress3.5 features

wordpress3.5 features

3) Insert Media:
New Media Gallery is also very exciting feature by wordpress. Now you can add multiple images faster, simple controls and drag and drop reorder very effectively.

It inherits a very good User Interface to manage gallery images.

4) LINK Manager:
Wordpress 3.5 has removed the link manager for the new release and make a seprate plugin
for this. If you are upgrading the wordpress from old version then wordpress shows the
link manager in admin.

WP 3.5 FIX on IIS

If you are working on IIS then after upgrade you may got problem to avoid this problem.
Please implement the fix as below.

In wp-config.php just add
define( ‘WP_TEMP_DIR’, ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/’ );
to fix the problem.
Feel free to contact with us just leave your comment here.

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