Why Corporates are getting inclined towards fitness training workshops

by · December 11, 2012

With high work pressures and sedentary lifestyles, many people today suffer from various health problems arising due to lack of fitness. Executives that are a part of modern day corporate lifestyles – extended working hours, constant deadlines and irregular meal times are especially susceptible to ‘lifestyle diseases’.

However, it is not all bad news. It is now an established fact that frequent physical exercise has benefits beyond just improving fitness levels – it boosts the immune system and also helps improve mental health and energy levels. Most organizations today are becoming aware of these facts as well. HR managers are also increasingly recognizing that improving fitness and energy levels of employees can increase their workplace performance.

With this in mind, corporate organizations are adapting various strategies to help their employees decrease stress levels and become more fit. The easiest method is to enlist the help of professional consultants. Endzone, a Delhi-based fitness and wellness consultancy firm, offers in-house workshops for corporates, designed to help employees improve their general fitness levels and control stress in a positive manner.

Endzone provides professional trainers who conduct workshops in disciplines ranging from aerobics, weight training & yoga to kick-boxing and even self defense. The programs are customized to suit the corporate entity. Endzone workshops are designed as a one-stop fitness solution for the employees of an organization. These workshops promote health and wellness by equipping employees with fitness & nutritional information pertinent to their lifestyles. At Endzone, we make these workshops educational and interesting by focussing on fitness as the best solution to reduce stress.

[Contributed by Mr. Divyu Gupta, Vice President, Endzone.co.in]

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