Sonim Technologies India develops ‘World’s Toughest Phone

by · October 2, 2012

Sonim Technologies, holder of the Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Toughest Phone’ today came forward to reveal the team responsible for initiating such an incredible phenomena in the field of telecommunication.

It was the hard work of a team of 77 skillful engineers in Bangalore who worked with teams in China and the USA that resulted in a product that provides reliability to its consumers who invest in a mobile phone that would survive any sort of rugged environment. The team successfully designed the tough mobile which is intended to appeal more to construction workers, builders, site engineers and workmen. The idea behind engineering various models of such indestructible devices took birth 7 years back. Looking at the potential of the core resource in the IT hub of India, the Bangalore team was entrusted the task to develop a design and software for a mobile phone that would act as a lifetime investment for professionals who operates under hard order. 

The current advanced model expanded, XP 1300 Core, is a cornerstone for the newest generation of rugged Sonim phones. The model was exhibited in public to showcase the strength of the model. The model is resistant to withstand any kind of torture and stringent situation than an ordinary handset and it takes ruggedness to a whole new level. It can be submerged in 2 metres underwater without doing it any damage, heavy dust, shocks and vibrations and is protected for 30 minutes against heavy rain, fog and salt air.

He added, “The models are build for people who work in mines, hilly construction sites, oil rigs and dense forest areas. We believe that it is a lifetime investment for those who feel that maintaining a phone is a tough task for them.”

The mobiles manufactured by Sonim Technologies is already popular and in huge demands overseas, especially in countries like the United States, Germany and England. The company has built relationships with their loyal patrons all across the globe. 

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