IndiaHomes summons ‘Genie’ to enhance real estate Customer’s shopping experience

by · October 8, 2012

Delivering impetus to initiatives looking to enhance real estate shopping experience, IndiaHomes, India’s First Professionally Managed Property Broking Company, has confirmed a new Tab based application named Genie to help its real estate agents deliver unparallel real estate shopping experience to its patrons.

As a part of this new Genie initiative all the sales agents will be armed with android-based tablets. Sales executive will be able to provide services that would include all property details integrated with Google maps. Customers would be able to browse through the property of their interest before they make a decision. Genie would also enable customers to know whether a sales agent is available or busy at any point of time and let them immediately connect to another available and dedicated sales agent, thereby reducing the call waiting time.

Through Genie, IndiaHomes looks to deliver to its vision of “empowering home buyers with choice and voice” by using technology as an aid not just a medium. IndiaHomes is probably the only company in the real estate segment in India which is using technology effectively to enable customers to make informed decisions.

Deepak Goel, who spearheads the technology initiatives of the company, had joined the company few months back after spending more than a decade in the Silicon Valley. Deepak is a computer science graduate from IIT, Delhi, holds an MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and has worked at and Microsoft. Mr. Goel shared how the Genie was developed from scratch, “In order to build the Genie ecosystem, we had to invest a very large amount of resources in terms of manpower, money and time. However, we believe it is a small price to pay for delivering the world’s best property buying experience.”

He added, “Buying a home is a dream and once in a lifetime event for many Indian customers and IndiaHomes through its newly created Genie ecosystem aims to endow its customer with relevant information for making a sound decision.”

Most noteworthy business proposition about IndiaHomes service is that they do not charge their customers any brokerage fee and are currently running some exciting money saving offers on select properties in India. To top that consumers are committed a 5-minute call back and Genie ecosystem will enable same day in-person meeting as well.

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