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As the concept of Green Revolution takes all other facets of the world by storm the technological & digital industry does not remain far behind. Introducing a new genre of eco-friendly projectors Casio unleashes its new tri series i.e., Standard Series, Pro Series & Short Throw Series in the market.

Green Projectors have a hybrid Light source with a life of straight 20, 000 hours, which is approx. 10 times higher than normal mercury based conventional projectors. This new category of projector is equally beneficial for education, corporate & entertainment applications.

Casio Projector image

Casio projectors are eco friendly, easy to handle efficient and durable with very low maintenance and zero Lamp replacement, these projectors provides significant solution to ever increasing cost.

Casio’s this new tri series is bound to create a sensation in the digital market as they have 3D projection function, are compatible with Wireless connection with – Windows, Macintosh PC’s, smart phones & other mobile devices. They are functioned to showcase data stored in USB memory & have a built-in speaker ranging between 1W, 5W & 10W. They also have a display resolution of XGA, WXGA. Intelligence Brightness Control & Interactive Pointing function makes them unique from other projectors. Automatic vertical keystone correction & wide angle zoom lens adds to their strengths.

Stated Mr. Kulbhushan Seth, Head of Sales and Marketing, Casio India Company, “Protection of the Environment is a major concern today. Our eco- friendly projectors promise to revolutionize the Indian market with never before features such as projection in a 3 D format. These projectors are targeted to education sector as Casio projectors are compatible with interactive learning where in projectors can be integrated.”

Casio Green Projectors are also highly equipped with Anti-theft lock, Interfaces: RGB, HDMI, USB, Control Terminal (RS-232C), S-video, Audio input terminal (RCA), Video input, Wired LAN Terminal, LAN RJ-45.

The tri series have their own separate features which makes them very unique from one another.

The Standard Series has 8 models with ANSI lumen up to 3,000 and comes with a host of technological advancements to serve to its wide range of users.

Pro Series has 4 models with ANSI Lumen up to 4,000 which enable large screen projection in large conference rooms as well as clear projection of images in brightly lit rooms.

Short Throw Series consist of 2 models with ANSI Lumen up to 3,000 and is equipped with a set of applications, making it ideal for classroom teaching. They are equipped with a short-throw lens for projection of 60-inch screen at a distance of 80 cm. The shorter projection distance provided by this close-up projection reduces shadows on the screen and eliminates the possible distraction of projector light shining in viewers’ eyes, optimizing user and viewer comfort.

The price of all these Casio tri-series ranges from Rs.73, 995/- to Rs 1, 62,995/-

Warranty: The long life semiconductor light source reduces the maintenance requisite dramatically as compared with conventional models that require mercury lamp replacement.

Main Projector Unit – 3 year from the date of purchase

Light Source Unit — 3 year or 6,000 hours, whichever comes first from the date of purchase

The new range of projectors is available at selected stores across India.

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