vQmod: Now add/edit custom code in your core files with vQmod and XML files without affecting core files

by · September 12, 2012

What is VQMOD

VQMOD ( Virtual Quick Mod ) is used to avoid changes in core files. In this we can make a  seprate XML file. In xml file we write a search/replace script. These script files are parsed on page load. The script code in xml added to our core file code and stored on temp file. The temp file is executed as main file. Our original code is keep untouched. So we can get results with our new script without make any changes in core file.

Platform Supported

Initially it was built for Opencart projects but now this concept is not limited to Opencart or PHP.

This is designed to work with any platform. The only thing to figure is how all the include/require points of the platform so that you can make the necessary changes to install vQmod. vQmod works on an assumption that the index.php calls other controller files to load the includes, or does the includes itself. This is aimed at controller based designs (MVC, CRUD, etc). VQMOD is working on expanding from OpenCart to other platforms (phpbb, cmsmadesimple, etc).





Performance affect while using vQmod

The best thing in this is that performance is not affected while using vQmod. It also includes cache feature. Which increses performance of vQmod. Performance is not affeced while using vQmod.

Reasons to use vQmod

a) The main issue we mainly faces in future is that when our module gets updated in future all of the custom code in our core file gets updated too. But vQmod helps us in this case as our custom code is in our XML file created in vQmod.

b) Multiple changes in multiple files can be made through single XML file.

c) Very simple structured XML code.


How to Install vQmod

Here are the steps to install vQmod in Opencart automaically.

1)      Download the vQmod files from http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/downloads/list.

2)      Extract the files to the root folder.

3)      Now open the link http://www.yourweburl.com/vqmod/install

4)      You will get an success message.

Create vQmod Xml file

If you want to create vQmod xml file automatically in opencart plese check this link( http://www.opencart-extensions.co.uk/vqgen/ ).  In this link you can just write the details about the operetions you want to perform and click on generate XML file. You will get an fully functional xml file just in a minute.

Please refer link(http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/wiki/Examples) for examples.


If you have any queries regarding vQmod or Opencart please discuss in comments or mail us at vikas@knowahead.in


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