Gapps brings real-time cab booking and fleet management software to mobile platforms

by · September 7, 2012

Gapps softwares has brought onto mobile platforms India’s first app which can be used for real-time taxi booking, and also tweaked for fleet management purposes. Finally a platform is here which would cater to one and all – individual vehicle owners, small fleet owners and large fleet managers. This Pune-based company has developed a real-time system using which customers can book cabs on-the-go, drivers can themselves increase their profits exponentially and fleet owners can manage their fleet of cabs or other vehicles in peace. This platform also makes the dependency on complex cab aggregators redundant. Booking cabs, or monitoring pickup-requests (for drivers), or even selecting routes – is as easy as 1-2-3-go, or entering notes into your calendar.

Truly mobile that the platform is, it has been made available on all mobile devices – any Android device, iPhones, iPads and even a Website for no cost. Gapps says that though this robust and flexible platform can be used by all kinds of parties (individuals, groups), it is targeted towards SMEs and comes at a very cheap price for them overall.

“We are able to provide both kind of solutions – for fleet management and also for end users and single cab drivers,” says Pradeep Singh, founder and CEO, Gapps.  Customers can download the taxi application on their mobile devices and request pickups via single-button press. While this request goes to the server, the subscribed drivers to this service can see customer requests and take the respective booking. “This sort of simple mobile based solution would enable drivers to increase their revenue manifolds and also reduces hassles of daily road commuters,” adds Singh.

Through this mobile application, one can monitor a particular taxi or a cab,  keep a tab on taxi fare, the routes and distances, find out full addresses from incomplete ones, lets passengers and drivers both plan their day accordingly 

The platform is smart with integrated features like – shortest and best route to the destination, fare calculator, locating a particular cab on the map through GPS (Global Positioning System). Also has advanced features such as maintenance of driver and user profile – for future reference. Users who have once registered with this service can save ample time by clicking a button which would fetch their saved information and also show most-visited routes and destinations.

Though this app has many features and has great customization capabilities, it is very simple to use and saves huge amounts of time for everyone. 

It can be deemed as one of the smoothest platforms in the market for cab bookings for passengers, drivers and fleet managers owing to the easy access and display of information like estimated time of arrival, alternate routes –in case of situations like traffic jams and full address lookup.

Not only this, customers can book through a Facebook page from their mobile phones, Websites customized for mobiles or even through Websites from their computer systems apart from the apps on their devices. Since this provides a strong social media integration, users can share their feedback and talk about their experiences through the app and post them online for everyone to see.

Megataxi Taxi Near by

While big cities are dominated by large cab fleet owners with their own booking systems, such a platform can be used by others who run cab services. The vision of Gapps is that this kind of solution should percolate to every level in every city and hence a cab be available for every commuter, every time of the day – and this is what makes the company and this solution different.

The company welcomes people who share the same thought and wish to deploy this in their respective areas. This product from Gapps has currently been deployed by a Taxi fleet owner in Mexico and the city of Mumbai in India – both with a user base of 10,000 taxis. Customers give feedback that this is easy and saves the hassle of having to call and speak with a customer service agent, hence saving a lot of time.



Functionalities that this platform provides

•             Route and map facilities for Customer and Driver.
•             Automatic navigation to pickup and drop off
•             Estimated Time of Arrival
•             Address Lookup by street, business name or postcode
•             Fare Calculator- Distance based and fixed pricing prediction
•             Multi-fleet/Multi-company
•             Vehicle/Driver Document and history tracking
•             Real time Driver-User interaction via live chat.
•             Automatic dispatching
•             Satellite locating (GPS) and Digital maps
•             Advance bookings
•             Reports and drivers’ data
•             User and Drivers Profile maintenance.
•             Highly customizable. Can add\Remove functionalities.

The same platform can also be customized and used in management of large vehicle fleet like buses.

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Gapps brings real-time cab booking and fleet management software to mobile platforms, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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