Dropmyemail now available in Hindi

by · September 4, 2012

Dropmyemail is set to grow even further with the site now available in Hindi. This is great news for Indian users seeking to join the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud.

Currently, the service is translated into 8 languages, namely English,Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Thai and now Hindi. Making Dropmyemail available in the native tongues of the users is key to the growth of its business. 

Dropmyemail has proven itself with its great traction and virality to back up email, migrate email, manage email attachments and share files. Especially in Asia, with 18% of its near million user base coming from India. The second biggest market for this email backup service is Indonesia with approximately 7%. Malaysia, Pakistan and the United States round up the top 5 locations for Dropmyemail users.

With such a huge information technology community and tech savvy population in India, it is easy to see why so many people have signed up for Dropmyemail’s service. As English is still commonly in India, the expansion of the business up till now is understandable. With a fully Hindi site, Dropmyemail expects to see another rapid boom of signups in India. 

CEO of Dropmyemail, John Fearon, commented “With this new language option, we think we can grow even faster (than we already have). There are an estimated 3.4 billion emails in the world today and our aim is to back-up the Internet, so we have lots of work to do.”

To help accelerate the growth and reach out the 1 billion population in India, the recently-opened Dropmyemail’s Mumbai office will service its massive and growing Indian user base. 

The Mumbai office, head by Business Development Manager, Akash Nemani, is among 3 international offices (Dallas and Buenos Aires). In the near future, Dropmyemail’s Head of EMEA, Charif El Ansari (ex-Google SouthEast Asia Head of Business Development) will set up the 4th office to pursue Dropmyemail’s interests in the region. 

Not resting on any laurels, Dropmyemail will continue to improve the site and service, with many more languages to be translated into to cater to the localized needs of different countries and regions. The next few languages that Dromyemail will be translated into will be Spanish and Arabic to be more accessible to the South American continent and the Middle East. 

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