, enabling students to live their dream career through internships, college events

by · August 13, 2012 is currently the No 1 student internship portal in India, and a top choice for startups, small businesses, & recruiting managers of big organizations. It enables college students to live their dream career through internships, college events, conferences & competitions and training Courses.

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On students can :-

  • Apply for Internships to get amazing hands-on experience, learn, get mentored and earn attractive stipends.
  • Participate in college events, conferences & competitions and gain practical exposure that will add immense value to the profile and chance to network with industry professionals.
  • Choose the right courses to join to learn and develop the skills to be better prepared for a job. started its operations in March 2010 and now over 3100 companies and students from over 2500 colleges use Over 30,000+ students have been shortlisted by companies to offer internships. Over Rs.42 Crore has been offered as total stipend by companies on

In an interview with knowAhead, Karthikeyan Vijaykumar Founder & CEO of, shares journey as an Entrepreneur :- 

What motivated you to start How you came up with the name

I had a chance to visit colleges & deliver a talk on entrepreneurship through NEN. The students I met clearly lacked industrial exposure and when I asked about their interest to intern, they were very keen to take up internships. Internships are a fantastic way for students to meet mentors, learn and increase their exposure.
We also spoke with our company contacts and they mentioned the lack of access to good talent. Hence, companies were willing to take in interns and offer a full-time job, if the interns did well. This internship model helped both students and companies. Thats how was born – to connect students & companies for internships.

We named the website , since our focus was on providing opportunities to college students in late teens and early twenties.

What were main challanges you faced in starting

There were several challenges – the initial one was recruiting team members. People were reluctant to join and build on a new idea. However, once more companies/students started joining, recruiting the team became a lot more easy. We also had to convince some of the companies about the college student’s ability to perform. This was also overcome when companies started to work with students and produced good quality work. Infact, companies liked the quality of the work done by students and started to pay good stipends to students. Initially, only 10% of the companies paid a stipend. Right now, over 90% of the companies pay a stipend. This is a great sign of the student ability and quality.

As more and more startups are entering into this field, how are you planning to beat out the competition? is currently the No 1 student internship portal in India. Our numbers clearly prove that. We have the largest number of companies and students on As we continue to perform well, more companies will enter this domain and try to copy our success. That is natural. We are focused on providing the best experience for students and companies. We will continue to innovate and provide the best experience. This is helping us build ‘trust’ among the students and companies. In the long run, this trust will keep us growing, despite the competition.
Also, we will not stop innovating and will continue to offer new products that will be benefit students and companies.
As an Entrepreneur how has been journey till now?

It has been a very eventful journey so far. To go from an idea 2 years ago, to building the largest student internship platform in India and seeing many thousands of students & companies benefiting has been a very memorable experience. There have been many challenges as well, along the way. Its been a fantastic learning for me, on perseverance and continuing to find solutions, come what may.
I think the best is yet to come from Twenty19 and you can expect a lot more interesting work coming from I am really excited about the possibilities that exist for

Message for budding Entrepreneurs.

The world is your playground – have fun !

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