Managing your Email attachments

by · August 6, 2012

Email attachments are a paradox – it is the most convenient way to share and store files but also the biggest waster of precious time and effort.

The average person working a corporate job receives about 150 emails daily, and sends out about 30 to 50. Regardless whether it seems high or low for you personally, it is true for most that over half of the average workday revolves around email. A back of the envelope calculation will say that over 1000 hours a year is expended on email.

Hence, it’s worth looking into where people can save some time on this process of receiving, reading and sending email attachments. In Hotmail alone, there are over 1 billion email messages sent with file attachments per week.

Here are some instances when attachments wastes precious time:

1. Collaborating on a document
When emailing documents to be edited by everyone, each person will add their own edits and then sends as an email attachment to the group. With so many versions being sent to and fro, it is inevitable that it can get lost resulting in extra work being created. Everyone has to sift the long chain of emails to find the latest version. It’s extremely inefficient and infuriating.

2. Sharing files
When sharing files with a big crowd, using email will see you sending files many times over. It could be that you need to update the files, or that the recipient cannot find it amidst the mess that is their email inbox.

3. Sending large files
Too often that files sent were bounced back as it was just too big, there is a limit to files size by your email service or just because your recipient’s inbox is already full. The natural next step is for zipping up files or breaking apart the attachments. Though it is time-consuming to rearrange and to send it individually. In addition, it is potentially confusing for the recipients as well.

4. Having documents available anywhere, anytime, across devices
One of the easiest ways to keep important documents handing is to send an email to yourself. Even though it is easy, the end result is spend much time searching for the email.
The attachment solution
With the efficiency of the cloud, the vast majority of people need email attachments even more. We spend so much of our time in email because that we know attachments is the most convenient option.

Dropmyemail’s “File Manager” offers a great alternative that solves many of these problems. In fact, it does even more by keeping emails and its attachments safe by backing it up in the cloud.
“File Manager” facilitates effortless sharing of email attachments and lets users interact with their email like never before. With this, the most comprehensive email back up solution in the cloud, Dropmyemail, now provides more ways to organize your emails better.

After backing up emails with Dropmyemail, the “File Manager” tool is an elegant way to search, view, download and share attachments. Now it is also able for uploading of files without file size limits. This service solves the 4 common problems of email attachments.

While emailing docs back and forth for group editing, all email attachments will be available on one tab – with the latest ones on top. Even without reading the entire lengthy email chain, the desired files will be easily accessible.

Sharing files, large or small, is also easier with Attachment Manager because all attachments can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or a customized link to the document.

Sending large files is a breeze as there is no need to upload an existing attachment. If there is a need to upload files, regardless of the size, “File Manager” will accept. This avoids size limits on sending or receiving any files. There is also no limit to recipients – so sending files to an entire database is simple and without clogging up anyone’s inbox.

When sending files to oneself for easy access anywhere and over varied devices, “File Manager” allows for easy search through the file types (pdf, doc, jpg, xls and etc) or by file name. If that still doesn’t work, all attachments will be collated in one tab and sorted by date.
With Dropmyemail’s email backup service, users get a peace of mind from securing their emails in the cloud. All their existing emails from various email acccounts are merged on Dropmyemail, users can search, view, migrate and restore emails. Now with “File Manager”, users can further expand their possibilities with their emails while solving the time-wasting, frustrating and confusing attachment problems.

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