Dropmyemail’s new “File Manager” function to further improve user’s email and file sharing experience

by · August 27, 2012

Dropmyemail adds “File Manager” to incorporate file sharing through uploading of files and command of email attachments. With this, on top of being the most comprehensive email back up solution in the cloud, Dropmyemail provides more ways to control your emails and file sharing.

“File Manager” will have two components, “Attachments” and “Files”. The “Attachment” tool is an elegant way to control attachments in your emails backed up on Dropmyemail. “Files” will see users conveniently uploading files on Dropmyemail. “File Manager” lets users view, download, and share their email attachments and uploaded files.

Especially of note is the ability to share these files via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or through a custom link. To simplify this process of file sharing, users can now search for specific file names or by searching through the file types. Users can select the availability of files with the “share/unshare” button. 

This new function radically changes how emails are utilized. Among the most
cumbersome of email’s features is the file size limits placed on attachments. If documents are too large, they will bounce back to the sender or take too much time to go through a recipient’s filter. That, in turn, will dramatically affect productivity in both the short and long term.

“This launch is part of our long term strategy in improving e-communications and backing up data,” says CEO and Founder of Dropmyemail, John Fearon. “We recognize the need of individuals and enterprises to facilitate large file transfers. I believe that our file and attachment sharing function will fulfil that need” Existing users mentioned that handling attachments was a painful and
confusing process. In addition, users faced difficulties in sharing files. Hence, Dropmyemail complied with popular demand to create the solutions to these problems
“File Manager” works from cloud-to-cloud so there is no longer a need to forward attachments and clog up others’ inboxes. Easily share large files that others can’t easily receive in their inboxes. Free users of the service can send files up to 250MB while paid users can send files right up to their storage limit. 

If a user runs out of space, they can easily delete previously uploaded files or increase their capacity by upgrading their plans. There is no limit to the number of receipients and the length of storage. This service will also increase the virality of Dropmyemail beyond the current referral system. With the sharing capability of the “File Manager”, users can directly share files on their social networks, through email or as a customized link to be pasted anywhere. The shared files to be downloaded will lead recipients to Dropmyemail’s website hence gaining more visitors and signups.

With Dropmyemail’s email backup service, users get a peace of mind from securing their emails in the cloud. All their existing emails from various email acccounts are merged on Dropmyemail, users can search, view, migrate and restore emails. Now with “File Manager”, users can further expand their possibilities with their emails while keeping them safe.

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Dropmyemail’s new “File Manager” function to further improve user’s email and file sharing experience , 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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