: Empowering Retailers and providing convenience to Consumers

by · August 9, 2012 is a online convenience based portal, where customers can schedule there orders for delivery as per their convenience. They serve categories like, food, grocery, bakery, laundry etc all under one roof, from your local market and from your choice of vendor, currently based in Noida/Indirapuram. It is a virtual shopping mall that takes care of one’s complete transaction from sourcing till delivering at the customer’s door step.

Deliver on call

They started their operations in September 2011 and at present have a team of 30 odd people who form the backbone of the company and are going extra mile to excel in customer expectations. However, going further the company plans to diversify its existing category range and vendor base and will soon be seen in other categories like sweets, maid services, birthday party booking etc.

In an interview with Ankur Mehrotra, CEO of Delivery On , he tells about what’s being done in the making of

 What led you to start ? How has been the journey till now?

I have been into service industry for almost 7 years and the long working hours made me realize the fact that it is such a big problem to procure household needs especially with working couples and their erratic hours. This gave rise to my venture, wherein the consumer has the option to order from its own retail market and get all the services available at one place. The journey till now has been quite interesting though there have been challenges and roadblocks but we have managed to pass through them.

Major hurdles you faced in DeliveryonCall?

Their were several hurdles and the biggest challenge being to get the retailers online and then explaining consumers how we operate and what are the benefits in getting associated with as we are the online portal in India of this kind. But the fact remains that any new innovation or introduction of new concept takes time to seep into the minds of the consumers.

Does the delivery cost add to customers bill or merchants pay  loyalty? 

Our business operandi is to empower the retailers and to provide convenience to Consumers. Regarding delivery costs, its primarily from the merchants

 Traction which the venture has received till date 

We are doing good in Noida, consumers trust and use our services to  the best of their understanding. However, we are confident that this would spread soon among more and more people looking for a convenience based online portal

Scaling up plans. 

We are focussing on generating more awareness among the people of Noida and Indirapuram. But as a part of our expansion plan, we aim to expand our services in the NCR region within the next quarter.

We wish them all the best for their future endeavours. In case you have any reviews or any questions to ask lets us know in comments

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