AskThePandit: India’s first curated and personalized shopping service

by · August 1, 2012

DiscountPandit has launched a new application called AskThePandit, first of its kind app that personalizes a user’s deal search query to give him/her the Lowest Price .

Unlike the usual price comparison engines that respond to user price queries in the form of automated links to e-commerce stores, AskThePandit will provide the user personalized results curated by domain experts. AskThePandit allows users to find the lowest price possible for any product or service across the widest range of online & offline platforms.
Catering to 6 categories– Mobiles, Computers, Home Appliances, Televisions, Air Tickets and Hotels this service has been rolled out across 10 cities of India. 

Users can choose among any of the plans below and pay using Credit card, Debit card or Netbanking.

  • INR 11 for lowest price on Mobiles.
  • INR 21 for lowest prices on Computers, Home Applicances, TVs
  • INR 31 for lowest price on Hote Reservations & Air Tickets.
Ask the Pandit for Lowest Price

With a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours, AskThePandit guarantees its users the ‘lowest price’ minus all the bargaining and the running around required to search for the best price while shopping.
AskThePandit also comes with a unique service guarantee- ‘THE BEST price in 24 hours or your money back’.

To try out AskThePandit, visit and let us know about your experience with it. 


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