The answer to Digital Demand- Marmalade Digital’s Demand Side Platform (DSP)

by · July 5, 2012

Hand held computers, tablets and smart phones have given a thrust to internet penetration and usage all over the globe. Because of the ease of access, users are graduating to serious use of internet for research, purchase of consumer durables, news, business, entertainment. Internet serves a sizeable medium that marketers cannot ignore. Question is, whether this medium is just another space to place advertisements or is there a unique set of benefits it offers to the marketers.

Like any other medium, digital media is catering to users with varied interests, exhibiting diverse behaviour and at a different buyer readiness stage. But no other medium captures this information and enable marketers for a well focused targeting at all levels of purchase funnel.

To fill in the same gap, Marmalade Digital is making use of several technologies plugged together in one platform called Demand Side Platform (DSP). DSP offers transparent automated media buying across multiple sources in real-time. Buyers have complete control through a web-based interface. DSP is fully transparent and neutral, not favouring any publisher, advertiser or inventory over others. This increased transparency and targeting sincerely addresses prevailing disparities in display domain.

One of the major industry issues can be solved by a  DSP  ,because many ad networks supplement their inventory with ad exchanges, it’s quite possible that using multiple ad networks at the same time will result in you actually bidding against yourself on the same impression. This has the potential to drive your costs up in an auction-based buying mode.

Throwing a light in detail on Marmalade DSP, Hemant Kumar, founder and chief executive officer, Marmalade Digital said,”Our goal is to be the digital partner ,which provides smart media buying insights and optimization to agencies, enabling them to focus more on client strategy ,brand building and less on execution of media plan.

Marmalade DSP is an intelligent media buying platform that will offer value beyond impressions and clicks to its advertisers. Intelligent because it continuously learns on-the-go, what performs best for the advertiser with only one objective – earn every relevant impression for least possible cost to maximise performance. To ensure brand safety, Marmalade DSP maintains a strict compliance with IAB standards. System audit disbars all inventories that has adult content, negative incidences, sensitive topics or related to gambling.

Advertiser can also choose type, content and category appropriate for its brand. Till date advertisers had access to only reports which tells whether campaign has performed or not. With direct control and full involvement in media buying, advertisers will know exactly what performs best for them and how the performance can be improved., the learning stays with the agency and can be re-used.

In such a dynamic arrangement, why prefix a media cost? DSP will optimize for best performance at lowest possible cost. This means advertiser may achieve their goal in a lower than a booking price.

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