tagNpin launches social loyalty program for eCommerce as well as offline retail

by · July 29, 2012

In todays world its much of a hassle to carry all the paper based loyalty cards and the retailers also have to spend good amount of money on these services. So to solve these all, tagNpin came up with a Loyalty cum Social media marketing platform for ecommerce and retail vendors.

tagNpin is an easy to use social loyalty program that integrates seamlessly with ecommerce websites/retail stores and social platforms like facebook to increase brand visiblity and drive customer loyalty and sales through social sharing. Brands can feature products inside facebook for F-commerce

tagNpin seamlessly integrates with existing loyalty program or couponing system. It then enhances the performance of the program through social media. It provides you simple and easy to use control panel to configure everything. Through tagNpin you can access analytics of marketing campains based on mulitple parameters ranging from offers, amount, points, to time period. Send personalized coupons on check out, based on recency, frequency, or by any other criteria.

How tagNpin works?

Costumers earn loyalty points not only for purchases and recommendation, but also for social activities like sharing, commenting, liking and inviting friends. Customers get discount coupons inexchange for points earned through such hyperlocal social marketing, driving the sales.

It provides Facebook page tab plugin, website plugin, Developers APIs and mobile app.

tagNpin can be installed as  facebook tab plugin, on clicking tab you will see dashboard like this, where users can earn points on liking facebook page, recommending offers, products etc.


For compelet facebook guide refer to the following Video:-

In a chance to interact with the tagNpin team, knowAhead had the following conversation.

Siddharth Gupta, Co- Founder, tagNpin

What led you to start tagNpin?

When we looked into our wallet, we found we have collected so many plastic loyalty cards from different brands like shopper stop, lifestyle, and other brands. But we never used them because of the inconvenience. Then we realized that, its pretty hard to track brand updates and check our loyalty status as most programs lacked a good user dashboard. On top of that most loyalty programs did not leverage social media to increase effectiveness. Guess what brands were spending lot of money on these inefficient programs. That is where tagNpin – completely self serve loyalty cum social media marketing platform was conceptualized. Our tag line says “loyalty made social and easy”

How easy is it to integrate with the existing loyalty program?

It’s damn easy. If any brand say shoppers stop is running a loyalty program, then they can leverage the social media loyalty part from tagNpin to complement their existing program. Or otherwise some brand may use the complete tagNpin offering. tagNpin is very flexible in everything from points logic to user interfaces.

Aman Gupta, Co- Founder, tagNpin

Traction received till date?

We had signed up some ecommerce vendors that helped the tagNpin platform to mature. We have seen satisfactory results till now. tagNpin has achieved 50+ signups by brands till now in a short span.

What are your plans in the near future?

We want to evolve the platform and take the power of social media and loyalty in the hands of SMEs that otherwise are not able to do so because of expenses of hiring a marketing professional. This is just tip of the iceberg, if things go as per plan tagNpin can evolve new business models around it’s platform.

For more information log on to https://www.tagnpin.com/

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tagNpin launches social loyalty program for eCommerce as well as offline retail, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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