Google launches scientific calculator in its search

by · July 29, 2012

Google keeps surprising us with its new innovations and tricks, be it the Google doodles or more efficient ways of search . This time they have incorporated a scientific calculator in its search. So next time, you need to do a quick calculation, you can head to Google.

The new 34 button scientific calculator appears the momenty you type any of the these such as:- calculator, 8×9,three plus 2 ,cos 30 plus sine 30 .

Users can use Google’s voice search feature–found in mobile versions of the search engine and in its Chrome web browser–to input calculations without touching your keyboard.

The calculator has a full complement of scientific functions, including sin, cos, tan, log, exponential calculation, and square roots. Mobile users may have to view the calculator in landscape mode to see all the functions.
Check this out on Google search and let us know your view on it.


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Google launches scientific calculator in its search, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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