TaxSpanner to assist tax payers to file their IT Returns, sets up 1500 Tax Spanning Stations across India

by · June 27, 2012

TaxSpanner, India’s largest and most trusted website for e-filing of income tax returns has kicked off the process of setting up 1500 Tax Spanning Stations across the country to assist taxpayers with accurate preparation of their income tax return (ITR), claiming refund and filing ITR. With the due date to file taxes coming closer, the Tax Spanning Stations initiative is a part of the company’s efforts to help people in major Tier I and Tier II cities with their personal income tax compliance needs.

Ankur Sharma, CEO,, says, “More than 95% of taxpayers in India seek assistance in filing their income tax returns. Many of these people fall into the trap of agents who are not qualified to provide the right kind of income tax advice to their clients. In the process, they also risk the confidentiality of their personal data. As part of the company’s commitment to provide easy-to-use, secure and reliable tax filing services, TaxSpanner has been setting up Tax Spanning Stations in major cities across the country. This is in line with the global trend where the mix of self-filing and assisted-filing has been established over decades.”

US companies like H&R Block set up 1000+ tax stores in the US in the months of Jan-Apr, while also offering online tax preparation through their portal. Similarly, Turbotax offers online tax preparation and filing, assisted by more than 500 tax advisors who offer free tax assistance on phone.

One can also request TaxSpanner to set up a Tax Spanning Station at a location near them. Usually, these stations are set up in the premises of company offices, where employees seek assistance in huge numbers. This year,  TaxSpanner will be setting up Tax Spanning Stations in DelhiBangaloreMumbaiPuneChennaiKolkataJharkhandUttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

During the Financial Year 2011-12, more than 10 lakh individuals filed their ITR online in Tamil Nadu. With 100+ tax spanning stations in Chennai and other major cities of Tamil Nadu, TaxSpanner will bring the much needed support to these assessees.

Tax professionals who attend to customers at Tax Spanning stations are capable of ensuring tax compliance, including filing tax returns. These professionals are required to pass 100+ hours of specialty training each year. This equips them with the skills to handle specific tax situations, and identify tax deductions and optimizations that are frequently overlooked. The company’s panel of distinguished chartered accountants provides deep insights to the employees regarding income tax compliance and tax planning. The panel consists of tax professionals who have 15-25 years of employee taxation experience. In fact, the Tax Spanning Stations in a city are under the direct supervision of a Chartered Accountant.

With recent changes in tax laws making electronic filing of tax returns mandatory for a larger category of taxpayers, it puts even more responsibility on the employers to ensure the tax compliance of the employees. With Tax Spanning Stations in their premises, the employees now find it very convenient to fulfill all their income tax compliance requirements, while also enjoying full access to the online tools of tax filing and tax-saving.


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