Game of the Week : Stupidness 3

by · June 3, 2012

Stupidness 3 is an addictive game with 35 Mind Blowing Tricky Questions. Test how Smarty Stupid can you be. It’s been Ranked#1 in more than 10 countries by iTunes.

You will find the Questions silly as well as challenging, somewhat tricky and fun.
It is the sequel to Stupidness 2 (after its huge success).

It tests 3 things:- 

  1. How high is your IQ?
  2. How smart you think you are?
  3. Do you have “out-of-the-box” creativity?

Some of the features of Stupidness 3 are:-

  • It has 35 cunning questions you will find silly as well as challenging. 
  • You can look for hints for the questions, but that lowers your IQ. 
  • You can post your IQ on Facebook.

Test your IQ level with the and stupidness 3 game! Think and figure out your way quickly through the impossible stages!

You can download Stupidness 3 from iTunes from this link. 

You can also look for Stupidness 3 Pro, which has 100 Tricky Questions but for that you have to pay .99 dollars.

 Caution: Its so addictive that  Once you start playing you will only get off after completeing all the levels.



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