Digital Marketing – The Emerging Trend By Ishan Gupta,

by · June 5, 2012

The escalating use of the internet has brought immense changes in the way businesses and companies are operated today. Marketing strategies and digital marketing services need to be made an integral part of any business as they can direct and regulate the functioning of the business and in turn maximize the brand visibility and sales. This trend is focusing more on the need for digital marketing solutions and thus the emerging popularity for this form of marketing is quite apparent.

A rising internet penetration rate is making it easier now more than ever before to access the internet in India. Our online population is growing day by day. According to an article earlier this year, Economic Times states that India is seeing the world’s youngest internet population; 75% of internet users in India are under the age of 35. And thanks to the onset of social media in India, the concept of digital marketing has spread like wild fire amongst students and working professionals. Add to that the booming e-commerce industry, and you get a large population hungry for learning the tips and tricks to sell online.

Recently conducted studies suggest that digital marketing is an effective form of advertising and many companies have started believing social media activity forms an important component of one’s job responsibilities as it is a crucial factor that enables companies to implement their marketing strategies. Pursuing an academic specialization in digital marketing has become a lucrative career choice for many students as it promises a bright professional career. Participants opting for this course can be assured to engage more and more customers by leveraging various online and social media platforms.

As the digital community is flourishing, it is leading to additional job responsibilities for young professionals and catering to all these responsibilities is a task in itself. It is in this light that a course in Digital Marketing is surely bound to reap long term benefits for students as it has a great potential of landing them the right job. Many national and international companies are absorbing candidates from the e-commerce and digital space as they are more aware about the techniques for customer engagement. The industry requirements are growing with each passing day and the challenge is to get the right kind of resource who has the right mix of knowledge, skill set and capability to address the role and is a good fit for the organization as well.

After a detailed market analysis,, India’s leading online education portal realized the need of the hour and introduced a 30 hour certificate course in digital marketing. The course is now being endorsed by IAMAI – Internet and Mobile Association of India. The IAMAI is an industry body whose mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added service sectors. The course targets students pursuing a career in the field of marketing who wish to further enhance their practical knowledge and understanding of various online application techniques.

The course is suitable for the age group of 18-32 which includes under graduates, MBA students, Engineers and IT students, and working professionals. The course helps participants in up-skilling themselves as the course has experiential knowledge and inputs by some of the leading industry practitioners. Unlimited academic telephonic support, chat help, learning through industry relevant course content and becoming a part of the industry network and forums are some of the important program highlights.

This certificate course in digital marketing revolves around the internet which has now become an important communication tool and an extremely powerful medium for marketing. It also deals with the concepts of mobile marketing and advertising; online image building and community and forum participation. Digital marketing can be aptly called as the combination of push and pull internet and mobile technologies.

Digital marketing is not only about running multiple marketing campaigns but also about measuring the response and revenue generated from those campaigns. For that there are analytical tools that are used within the campaign. Once you launch a campaign, you definitely want to know how many times your campaign is being viewed, by how many people and what has been the traction of your campaign. And out of those unique visits, how many sales have occurred. Marketing and advertising have now become measurable because of the digital marketing analytical tools available for use. These analytical tools are equally important to make sure your marketing campaign is a success. And the study of these tools is a part of this certificate course.

Digital marketing is an ever-emerging field and would continue to evolve in time to come. It is already becoming one of the most preferred specializations for students, working professionals as well as recruiters.


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Digital Marketing – The Emerging Trend By Ishan Gupta,, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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