Asian startup Dropmysite acquires US-based OrbitFiles

by · June 27, 2012

Dropmysite just inked the deal to complete the acquisition of , a US-based website that has been performing cloud backup for almost 6 years. With this purchase, Dropmysite adds a database of 235,000 signups and the wealth of their experience to its existing 676,000 users.

 The biggest market for Dropmysite has been Asia (largely due to India and Indonesia) followed by South America. With the purchase of a US-based website it will improve visibility for Dropmysite in North America.

 Over the next few weeks, Dropmysite aims to convert the majority of’s signups over to users.   As a large proportion of’s signups are in the US and Canada, who are now to be added to Dropmysite, North America will likely becomes its 2nd biggest market. The other benefit for snapping up OrbitFiles was to divert its site traffic to Dropmysite.  At one point, was even in discussions to be bought out by Google. The domain,, will now be directed to

“This acquisition will allow us to leapfrog forward in our product roadmap,” beamed Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Head of Product Development at Dropmysite. This move to add more users to the service will also allow the development team to survey experienced backup users to hone existing backup products and to perfect future ones that are in the pipeline.

“Our current growth is based mostly on first time backup users. With OrbitFiles’ established domain and huge user database, we will gain credibility and seasoned backup users, ”says Vijeyakumaar.

He goes on to say, “The feedback on user experience and user interface that we will gain will be invaluable as we proceed to build our next products.”

By incorporating, Dropmysite will not only continue but also improve on what made successful in the first place.’s users were promised easy and simple backup functions that they are accustomed to by downloading different backup programs. Dropmysite will be able to seamlessly replace that with its 2-click backup process, but without an additional program to download.

 Dropmysite is signaling its intent to expand further in the cloud backup space with this acquisition. Currently backing up 170 million emails daily or 18TBs of memory and counting, it would be imminent that the 1 million-user threshold will be crossed. This will establish Dropmysite’s desire to backup the Internet not just as a lofty goal to be achieved but also as a guarantee for the future.

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Asian startup Dropmysite acquires US-based OrbitFiles, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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