With Leap Motion Gesture Controlled Technology is the future

by · May 29, 2012

In sci-fi movies we have seen people controlling computers with finger movements i.e.  clicking, grabbing, swiping, scrolling  through the gestures or finger movements. So now Leap Motion enables you to do all these things(and much more), with Leap you can interact with Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X by clicking, grabbing, scrolling and using familiar gestures like pinch to zoom in 3D space. Lets have a look:- 

Leap is a smartphone sized device that can connect to your PC or Mac, its a gesture control systemthat creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your laptop or desktop computer.

Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

“This isn’t a game system that roughly maps your hand movements. The Leap technology is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market — at any price point.” Claims Leap Motion. “The Leap can distinguish your individual fingers and track your movements down to a 1/100th of a millimeter.”

Wondering how it works? It’s an optical system that tracks your fingers with infrared LEDs and cameras in a way unlike any other motion control tech. 

With LEAP, virtually every kind of application, across every industry, can be re-imagined. Following are the few where we are more likely to see the applications of LEAP.

  • It will change the way we interact with computers, the way we play games, now artists will create 3D images, Engineers can interact more easily with 3D modeling softwares.
  • Through Leap Surgeons can control 3D medical data with their hands without taking off their gloves.
  • Users pointing a pen at the signature line of a document to sign it in space.
  • Art, Healthcare,Engineering, Operating Systems, Gaming for all these fields it will be a game changes.

And for all the developers out there who are passionate about pushing technology towards its maximum level, they can submit their application and can receive an SDK and start developing something really cool.  

In case you want to know more check out their website Leap Motion. For updates you can also follow them on both Facebook and Twitter.

Note: The Leap will retail for $69.99, and a limited number are currently available for pre-order at LeapMotion.com.



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