With Knowledge Graph, Google just got a whole lot Smarter

by · May 16, 2012

We are not looking for a webpage when we are searching on google, we look to get answers, some facts, understand concepts and explore things.
So keeping these things in mind Google introduced Knowledge Graph to undertand the real world things and their relationships or one can say the object oriented approach. Basically to:-

  • Find the right thing
  • Get the best summary
  • Go deeper and broader in a topic

Knowledge Graph is a huge collection of people, places and things in the world and how they’re connected to one another. In the era where people like to do customized search, this is a game changer move by Google. Check out the video, how Google explains the Knowledge Graph:- 

So from now on whenever you search on Google for a person, place or a thing, might see a section to the right of your search results that highlights facts, photos, and other snippets of information about your search. You can also see the latest Google+ posts regarding the topic. 

Here are some of the types of information that you might see:

  • Descriptions and facts that are publicly available on the Web
  • Images from the Web that are selected as the highest ranking images about the subject
  • Related searches to help you explore similar subjects, such as other Paris monuments when you search for the Eiffel Tower
  • Other information that’s related to the subject, such as a map of a location, upcoming events for an artist or venue, and the latest Google+ posts for some people

Here are just some of the sources for this web of information:

  • Wikipedia
  • Subject-specific resources like Weather Underground for weather information and the World Bank for economic statistics
  • publicly available data from Freebase.com, a free and open database of over 24 million things, including movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies, and more
  • Google search data (used to measure the popularity of a subject and help decide what information people most want to see)
This is how the Knowledge graph will look like as show below:-

Note: This feature is gradually being released over the next few days to people using google.com. So if you dont see the Knowledge Graph all you need to do is wait till it gets you.

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