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by · May 31, 2012

Normally we have to ask many friends,relatives for advice and recommendations when traveling to a new destination.
But now you can find all the travel information you need through a new social network called, where you can meet fellow travelers, share information, suggest new attractions and create lists of your favorite destinations to share with friends.Some of the key feautres of

  • Users can create lists of their favorite destinations and share with friends.
  • Suggest new attractions for other travelers and post photos of cities they have traveled to in the past.
  • It provides a list of the top attractions in any city based on member rankings and reviews to help users discover new attractions and hot spots.
  • User can make requests like “Taxi Pickup from the Airport” or a “Guided trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Once a request is made it goes out to a growing network of travel agents and guides who can then make offers.
  • Users can ask questions to guides and hotel owners.


In an interview with David Urmann, CEO of Touristlink, knowAhead tried to know about their journey so far,  achievements and their future plans :-

TouristLink: that links tourists around the world, How did you get started with it?
We started with the idea to build a social network that makes it easy for travellers to connect with local guides, travel agents, homestay and vacation rental owners.
We believe travelers want an authentic experience and to see the real local culture. Touristlink lets you get to know firsthand the local behind the tour you are planning or the small hotel you want to stay. Travelers can also travel with increased confidence as members can post reviews and recommendations on the people they have dealt with on the site.

David Urmann - CEO

David Urmann - CEO

What kind of challenges do you see in running a venture like yours? And what makes you get going?
One thing that keeps us going is the constructive feedback we are getting from our users and seeing the daily improvement and optimization of the site. With a startup even when you succeed with one thing like getting some funding or getting some great press its exciting but you still have to come to work the next day and focus on all the little details. Our team used to be involved simultaneously in a number of projects and Touristlink is the first time we have all worked together with one goal so that makes everyone excited.

What are your future plans in terms of expanding your reach & offerings?
We want to lauch a mobile application that allows members to very simple request travel services whether its a “Taxi Pickup from the Airport” or a “Guided trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Once a request is made it goes out to a growing network of travel agents and guides who can then make offers. Travel providers upon receiving the request can review the social profile of the member and make offers targeted directly to the tastes and preferences of the member. We already have this on the website buts its something we want to revamp and redesign so its more useful and simpler.

Anything you would like to share with our readers?
We love to hear feedback from our members so if you sign up after reading this feel free to drop us an email and let us know what you think.

Any achievements you would like to mention.
We just got accepted to Startup Chile and some of our team will be departing India to Chile in the next few months so we are excited about that. Startup Chile will be a great place to learn and to get feedback both from investors and other entrepreneurs in the same situation.

A big congratulations to team for getting accepted for the Startup Chile program. Wish them all the best ahead.

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