Allow Subscribers on Facebook, share content with wider public

by · May 3, 2012

You must have seen the subscribe button on some of your friends profile, some of you must have allowed subscribers on your  profile.
And who does not like people subscribing to your updates. In case you are wondering, how to allow subscribers on your profile,  we have shared some images to make the job easy for you.

Open your account settings as shown below:-

After that go to the Subscribers tab on the left and the check the Allow Subscribers on the right side. 


After you allow subscribers, anyone who’s interested can get your public updates, without you having to add them as a friend first. You can post public updates you don’t mind sharing with the world, but keep other, more personal updates private to your friends and family.

If there is any celebrity having the facebook profile, you will hardly find the friend request button. This feature is similar like twitter following follwer. But unlike twitter, facebook subscription give the option to the subscriber to choose the information/updates he want to receive.

To know more about the Subscribe option click  Introducing the Subscribe Button.


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