Game of the week: Logos Quiz

by · May 13, 2012

A logo is a symbol or any small design that carries an image of the company. They help us in visualizing the brand in our mind.

We are continoustly surrounded by company logos, we see them on TV, on the streets, on websites.. everywhere. But, how many of them we can recognize? To test this, there is a game for that on your smartphones, Logos Quiz.

Logos Quiz is a game where you have to guess the names of logos of various brands.

  • It has different levels, and more than 500 Brands to guess.
  • There are hints available if you dont know about the logo’s name. You can also buy the hints through in-App purchase. 
  • You can also ask your friends through twitter or facebook.
  • You can check your total score and share it on facebook or twitter.

Currently this is available on iPhone and iPad.  You can check out the  Logos Quiz here  and can compete with your friends.




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