and IAMAI launches online course in Digital Marketing

by · May 15, 2012

Digital Marketing, as the name suggests, is about marketing on digital platforms. 
Since most people are present in digital world through at least one of the the modes (Television, Radio, Internet, mobile and any other form of digital media), promoting brands through digital advertisements makes a lot of sense, reaches more audience and gives better Return on Investment.  
Pull Digital Marketing – Consumer himself/herself actively pulls the marketing information. This can be done through 
  • Searching on web
  • By wishfully subscribing to emails, text messages or web feeds of various marketers. 
  • Going through websites, blogs and streaming media (audio and video) are also examples of pull digital marketing
Push Digital Marketing –  Pushing marketing content to consumers, without prior consent from them which can be done through:- 
  •  Advertising on websites and blogs. 
  • Email, text messaging and web feeds, sent without permission (This approach should be followed with legal ways only)

 So, India’s leading online education portal has launched a certificate course in Digital Marketing, in association with Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

The Certificate Course in Digital Marketing is an online course and can be pursued at one’s convenience.

  • It takes an average of 30 hours of study time to complete the course. 
  • The course is available online and can be accessed anytime and anyplace. 
  • Participants can also request for a CD version without any additional cost.
  • Each participant is assessed during the course through online quizzes and then a presentation at the end of the course. 
  • The participant gets a Certificate at the end of course, endorsed by IAMAI.
  • During the course, participants can get unlimited academic telephonic support for solving their doubts and queries by calling national helpline.
  • The course is available on the website directly for people who wish to buy using their credit card, debit card, net banking or cash on delivery. 
  • The course is also available through many partner websites and franchisees of It is sold at a price of just Rs. 2799.

In the press release Mr. Ishan Gupta, CEO, said, “We are delighted to be associated with IAMAI to provide Digital Marketing course. The methods of marketing are changing today, faster than ever before and it is becoming important for marketers to get the understanding of online marketing. Our course will cater to all those who are looking to build a successful career in the field of digital marketing”

Talking about the initiative, Mr Gaurav Chopra, Associate Vice President, IAMAI said: “IAMAI is working hard to promote digital marketing and internet marketing across the country.’s course is a great way for many people to learn the skills required to enter the world of Digital, internet and online marketing. The affordable price point will ensure that the course can be utilized by a large audience. We wish all the best for future and hope that a lot more candidates will go ahead with this course”.

About Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)

The Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] is a young and vibrant industry association with ambitions of representing the entire gamut of digital businesses in India. It was established in 2004 by the leading online publishers, but in the last eight years has come to effectively address the challenges facing the digital and online industry including mobile content and services, online publishing, mobile advertising, online advertising, ecommerce and mobile and digital payments among others.

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