Now code apps online using Programr, Android supported as well.

by · April 11, 2012


Programr, an online lab for programmers(learn, code and share), has just introduced Android coding support.
So now programmers can create Anrdoid apps in their browsers and can view them in a web-based emulator. It also provides you to download the APK format file for your android project which can be loaded on the Android devices.

At Programr, users can code, compile & run projects right in the browser in almost any language. You can make & run command-line programs, web applications, database applications as well as rich media apps right in the browser.

Programr empowers students to learn and master programming by creating & sharing projects online, as well as tinkering with each other’s projects. Users can discuss projects at Programr as well as share & embed them on their own sites or anywhere on the web.

There’s also more of a focus on higher-level languages at Programr. Over the past month, the company has added support for new languages including console (C++, C#, Java, Objective-C), web (PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Java Server Pages, AJAX), rich media (Flex, Processing), desktop (Java Swing), and database (SQL, SQLite). Others on the site include Ruby, Python, VB, AJAX, Flex, Flash, and more.


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Now code apps online using Programr, Android supported as well., 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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