A ‘Great’ game created out of unemployement

by · April 19, 2012

Normally people take unemployement as a burden and often get depressed in their lives. But not Christopher Albeluhn.Albeluhn is an unemployed game designer who recently created an incredibly cool app that allows you to explore the solar system and constellations in 3D.

The Solar System: Explore Your Backyard” was spotlighted on Reddit by his roommate and the project’s first demo video got more than 50,000 views overnight. This game can inspire the whole tech community, what  a single game designer can accomplish if efforts are put into it.

Albeluhn explains to knowAhead how he started on the idea and what kept him going on:-

The Solar System’ started out as a simple test using the Unreal engine. I wanted to focus on a shader idea, so i began to create Earth simply to familurize myself with the game engine once again.
As time went on, It slowly grew from a single planet, to the entire solar system. I never originally intended to sell the product, but as it began to grow bigger and have more and more features introduced that began to change.
A few months ago my roommate posted a link to an older video on reddit, and overnight it made it to the front page and received 50,000 hits overnight. Just recently the same thing happened. My roommate, once again, posted a link to reddit, but this time it was received with even more enthusiasm. Within the first 24 hours, it again made the front page of reddit, but this time received nearly 130,000 views.
Ever since these two huge waves of support, i began to change my tactic a little. No longer is this a product for myself to show off as a demo reel piece on my website; This could very easily be an actual product for others to enjoy.”

For more info check out this link.


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A 'Great' game created out of unemployement, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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